About Me

Gayle Sanchez

A.K.A. Iguanaz

Gayle Sanchez also known as Iguanaz is a deaf and speech impaired artist. The artist was born in Queens, New York and currently residing in South Florida.

Sanchez’s passions have always been some form of art appreciation. Whether it be break-dancing that she actively did for 9 years, yoga or learning cultural diversity’s and languages, art has fulfilled her life.

Sanchez has traveled around the world finding herself winning first place Miss World Wide Deaf Artist four times. Some of her many travels include London, Poland, France, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Morocco Senegal, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dubai, Monaco , Spain, Gibraltar and Taiwan. 

She takes pride in volunteering when not at work. Sanchez has had the immense gratification of being able to have spent time teaching to schools for the deaf and blind in Guatemala, Morocco, Turkey and Colombia. Also, donate food and clothes to those in need and even to strays. 

Because American sign language or ASL is her primary language, written form of communication via text or email is probably the best way to reach out to her. However, Gayle also speaks English Spanish and even Arabic.

Sanchez’s art techniques range from sculptures, sketches, acrylic painting, oil painting, welding and tattooing.

We welcome you to explore Gayle Sanchez’s world of art Deaf Ink art. 

We hope you enjoy!